Hello! I’m Mirka – a web developer based in Prague.

I make websites for companies of various sizes and industries. Currently looking for new opportunities.



I’ve built websites for many companies of various sizes and industries. I have experience working on projects by myself, in a small team, but also in a team counting 15 members, where all but three people were developers. I’m used to both self-organise and work within a distributed team using the Scrum methodology. I have no trouble working and communicating remotely and I’m used to working in an international setting.


I build responsive websites in WordPress (sometimes with WooCommerce) or Jamstack. I write HTML and (S)CSS using the BEM methodology. I know my way around vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, or Vue.js. I write PHP (sometimes with the help of Twig) for WordPress backend, and use Hugo for static websites. I version control with Git (I use git-flow and write my commits semantically). I’ve used npm, yarn, Gulp, or webpack for package management and task automation.

Design & Tools

I have a background in (multimedia) design, which is something that comes handy quite often in my development work as well. I have an eye for detail, and my colleagues say that I’m a bit of a pixel fucker. I know how to use Sketch, and have experience working with Figma, Zeplin, and InVision as well. When talking about apps, I code in VSCode, use Slack for communication, and have used Jira for project management.

Others' Opinions

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